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What's Your Sign Jewelry

What’s Your Sign Jewelry

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It’s an amazing fact to know that yes, stars have an absolute correlation with jewels. Thinking of giving gifts away for a friend’s wedding or someone’s birthday? Know their zodiac sign and your work is done. Different zodiac signs admire different items of jewelry. Understanding this correlation is quite an amazing task. Read this article and get know what’s your sign jewelry. The following series of 12 Zodiac Signs can help one understand better:

Opt for timeless jewellery for PISCES

Every Pisces has a major issue with “mood swings”. They get easily diverted and are highly influenced by the new and trendy things. Pisces are born dreamers and love to carry beautiful and trendy jewellery. Although, their change in mood reveals that you should choose timeless jewellery for them which can be carried anytime, anywhere.

From bold to fragile, we have it all for TAURUS

Your Taurus friend is a highly independent person with a huge amount of love for materialism. Go with the trend. Choose the best in the store for Taurus as they’ll rock in style with everything they carry.

Glitter up your GEMINI friend with butterflies and stars

Gemini consider themselves as the youth of their times. They never want to feel old and obsolete. Make them feel young by gifting them something in which they’ll feel young. Quirky designs, sparkling necklaces, and showy, delicate pieces are the jewels they’ll always love to carry. Geminis love to communicate and remember, they communicate with their jewels as well.

Use Emotions for CANCERIANS

Cancer people believe in “together and forever”. Try to buy stuffs which have a long life when you’re gifting jewellery to your cancer mate. Forget about the budget and concentrate on the quality. Attach as many emotions as you can as ‘Cancerians’ are all about love and emotions.


Leos are the most dramatic ones from the zodiac signs. The way they carry their jewels is unmatchable. GO BOLD for your leo friends. They won’t disappoint you. I promise!

Minimize the mess for VIRGO

Virgo’s are the most subtle and grounded people out of all the zodiac signs. They trust in simple and sober jewels with great detailing. Moreover, virgos may love white pearls and jewels designed with an extreme detailing.

Maintain balance for your LIBRA friend

Librans understand only one mantra which is “balance”. They believe in dressing up according to the occasion. They can go from an extremely jazzy jewellery to a very subtle one. Gift according to the occasion. They’ll really appreciate.

SCORPIONS are deceptive

Scorpions have the tendency to hide their true emotions and are sometimes misleading. Eventually, it becomes very difficult to understand their choice of jewels. Instead, go for the safest. Choose a jewel which is accepted by one and all.

BLUE is the color for SAGITTARIUS

Bring jewels from your next holiday destination for them. They’re the most optimistic signs towards life. They like to be different. Choose blue for them as it suits the best on them.


Capricorns believe in investing in jewellery. They possess a brain of a businessperson. Another aspect of their nature involves the classy-thing required for them to appreciate. They majorly focus on high quality and craftsmanship.

Originality attracts an AQUARIUS

They believe in true and original things and that’s what is reflected in their choice of jewels too. They also love being different. Quite rare is a case where an aquarius carries jewellery but whenever they do so, they do it differently. Go for outstanding jewels for an aquarius and try to choose as different stone as you can.

Stay keen and sharp for ARIES

An aries’ nature to be enthusiastic and energetic at all times reveal that they usually opt for angular and sharp spikes in case of choosing jewellery for themselves. Your aries “someone” will love sharp and angular jewellery gifts.

From the above, you may have got to know that jewels are highly correlated to our zodiac signs. So next time when planning to buy jewellery  always consider ‘What’s Your Sign Jewelry’

Zodiac stars and jewels have a very deep relationship which once understood, can help you for life.

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