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Prepare to Purchase Jewelry for Yourself

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Jewellery in India is considered to be sacred and pious. To commemorate and decorate auspicious events like weddings, anniversaries, Diwali, etc., Purchase jewelry for your loved ones adds an extra spark of beauty to an already special occasion. Understandably so, investing in jewellery is a major decision and requires a thorough thought process before you actually buy.
To make it simpler for you, we have compiled a simple list of tips to bear in mind while you purchase jewelry for your loved ones.

What do you need & why?

This is the most primary question you need to address – what kind of jewellery piece are you looking for and why are you purchasing it? Are you buying it to mark a special occasion or for a loved one? Identify what does will that particular piece of jewellery mean to them.

Be clear on what you want

Keep looking and asking for different styles and designs. If you do not find what you want, then you can always ask your jeweller to customize jewellery for you. Customizing jewellery has a twofold advantage- jewellery that suits your style and fits your budget.

The 4C’s of diamonds

The 4Cs of diamonds are cut, clarity, color and carat. These four inherent checkpoints are essential to know before you purchase jewelry with a diamond. You can also ask for the certification of a diamond to assert its quality. Make sure you know your diamond before you buy one.

Do your own research

Ensure to do your homework about gems and their prices, so that you pay the right amount rather than end up paying a hefty sum. After all, it’s important to get the best worth of your money. Learn about the industry jargons like carat weightage, in order to make the best buying choice.

Pay as per the price

Make sure to reduce the total weight of the jewellery from its gross weight, in case your jewellery contains precious or semi-precious gemstones. This is important so that you don’t end up paying for colored stones.

Keep an eye towards maintenance

Jewellery shopping may be a one-time affair, but maintaining jewellery is not. You can ask your jeweler for ways to clean and maintain your jewellery. It is really up to you to keep the dazzle of your jewellery from fading away.


So, when next time visiting any jewellery shop, consider these tips before you purchase jewelry.

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