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History of Jewelry

Know All About The History of Jewelry

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The historical background of decorating oneself with ornaments dates back to as old as civilization. In those ancient times, people decorated themselves with an animal tooth, a necklace of flowers, a ring with a rare & unique rock. Since inception, the charm & dazzle of a woman would be accompanied by a glittering piece of gold or diamond. Read this article to experience the history of jewelry.

In India, jewelry does not only possess a traditional and cultural value but is also considered as a source of security in times of financial crisis. With time, jewellery also denoted the status of a woman in the societal strata. Indian jewellery has always been a step ahead of its unique and intricate designs.


Graceful Indian dance forms like Bharatnatyam and Kathak have been highlighted along with the dazzle of Indian jewellery. Dancers adorn themselves with gold and silver for an enchanting appeal and aura that is reflected in their performance.


Bridal jewelry is the most sought-after jewellery in India. It is intricately crafted to complement the aura and beauty of the bride. Diamonds and other gems are used to embellish the base metal of gold to add an attractive element. Ornaments like Mangalsutra and Toe rings are an intricate part of a married woman.

Divine Beauty

From the history of jewelry, it is not only limited to just beautifying women but to also fulfill the beauty of God. Jewellery is also crafted for gods and goddesses and even for ceremonial animals like elephants, cows, and horses.

Functional Use

  • Gift for someone: Jewellery can speak volumes about your emotions. Jewellery can fulfill a woman’s desires and make her smile.
  • Protection: Gold and other amulets are also used to ward off negative energy in some cultures.
  • Artistic display: Jewellery had been used by the earliest men to adorn nearly every part of the human body. But, it has also been used as decorative items in households to beautify or add a sense of purity to it.

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